We’re going to receive our money’s worth, one way or another…

5 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage, Public


Seamus O’Reilly is walking down the street when this chap stumbles upon Leo Forte and his gang that that stud owes cash to. The males quickly pursue him down as this fellow makes a run for an old warehouse. Bad news for Seamus when the chaps lastly grab him and tear away his raiment. They pummel his balls before calling up their buddies to come have a pleasure the show. Seamus is tied to the pole as the guys lift one of their own into the air to face fuck the bound up ginger. They make Seamus stroke their cocks as he is beaten with the flogger in front. On his knees with a spider gag prying his throat open, Seamus is led around as he’s made to suck wang. They blast him in the face with their cum in advance of taking turns fucking his gap. With cum leaking down his face, Seamus implores for leniency, but his payback has merely just begun…


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