Str8 Cop Robert Axel

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


2 pervs have just caught a new stud and brought him to the alleyway for some pleasure. But their enjoyment comes to a screeching halt when they’re discovered by Officer Robert Axel. The muscled officer goes to make his arrest, but previous to that fellow knows it Sebastian attacks him from behind and chokes him out. When Robert comes to, that chap finds himself tied up to the wall and blindfolded by the 2 perverts. They tear away his clothes and acquire his knob powerful. Robert struggles against the rope on his skin as he’s continuously brought to the brink of orgasm. After having the one and the other holes filled with dildos, Robert is made to cum all over himself. But that stud is not finished, after being made to eat his own cum Robert endures post-orgasmic castigation in advance of screaming for leniency as they tickle the hell out of him.


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