Special Four Hand Massage

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Adam Herst goes to a massage parlor to redeem a gift voucher this chap received. The therapists notice it’s the “Four Hand Massage Special”. They tell Adam to relax and enjoy the session. As Adam’s muscles are worked on this fellow passes out and wakes up, bound to the table. The masseurs calm him down and tell him the “Massage Special” is a massage in bondage. They strip his underclothing and begin working on his big fat jock. Adam begins to have a enjoyment the experience and even acquires close to cumming. But the pleasure has only begun for Adam, the 2 pervs keep edging his dick and tickling his feet untill he acquires pissed off and starts shouting out demands. The masseurs shut him and drag him to a padded cell. Adam wakes up tethered to the wall and tethered in a straight jacket. His massive jock is edged anew and anew till it is about to burst. To finish him off, the masseurs insert a sybian into Adam’s gap and the poor stud is begging and pleading to cum.


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