Pizza dude with ripped abs gets screwed with The Shockspot

5 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Van and Sebastian are hanging out at home, expecting for their pizza to be delivered. Lucky for ’em, the delivery chap, Ian Levine, is a real hottie. When they don’t have cash to pay for their pizza, they quickly pounce on Ian and tie his butt up. Ian tries to bawl for assist but his despairing calls are muffled by the duct tape around his mouth. The 2 pervs remove his clothes and begin teasing his cock untill it is rock unyielding. They jack Ian off using the vibrating hitachi’s in advance of tying him up in the center of the room. Begging to cum, Ian’s edged with the fleshjack in advance of he is suspended in the air, swinging back and forth as Sebastian swallows the boy’s hard penis. Fastened down on the bed, Ian’s aperture is widen open for the Shockspot to plunge into his gazoo. The two perverts lastly milk a load without Ian’s cock and finish him off with some post orgasmic break in.


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