Officer Bullet – Wazoo screwed and edged in the middle of the woods

5 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Deep in the woods, Officer Jimmy Bullet is patrolling the hills when he comes across 2 perverts, tying up some helpless chap to the tree. When they try to make a run for it, Officer Bullet sprints through the forest previous to that stud finds himself caught in a trap. Jimmy’s strung up in the air, trapped in a net as the 2 pervs tear away his garments and begin playing with his jock. They receive it priceless and stiff, despite Officer Bullet’s struggle previous to bringing him right to the edge of large O. They then poke a sex toy up his a-hole during the time that making the restrained officer gulp wang to shut him up. With his head wrapped to a tree, Jimmy squirms in his slavery as his captors tease his knob some greater amount. They make the tied officer blow his ball batter all over the place previous to they tickle the hell without him and finish him off with post-orgasmic penalty.


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