Feisty Recent Yorker – Kurt Von Ryder

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Kurt Von Ryder is a hawt athletic fellow, who’s disciplined in martial arts all his life. He’s brand new to KinkMen and Males on Edge, but says this stud is been restrained and edged previous to. We begin him off blindfolded on the cross as his arms and legs are tied down. His cock just now gets serious, poking through his underclothing just begging to be played with. As we edge his hard ramrod, we put some tit suckers on Kurt’s teats whilst his cock feels the vibration of the hitachis. Kurt begins to receive demanding when he is denied of cumming, so we beat him with the scourge before suspending him and fucking his butt with a vibrator. Bound down to the cross anew, we push a sex toy up Kurt’s gazoo and milk a giant load out of his strict pecker. But, for being so demanding, we finish him off with some post-orgasmic tickling as he is covered in his own cum, screaming for compassion.


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