Edged in the gym so lengthy that this chab cums twice!

5 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Van and Sebastian are sparring on the mat when they see hawt janitor Nathan Martin on his rounds. They lure Nathan over as he volunteers to show ’em some wrestling moves. Just when Nathan thinks he’s teaching something useful for the mat, Van and Sebastian turn the tables. They lock Nathan into tight wrestling holds and must work on his dick. Nathan implores to cum whilst Van and Sebastian tether him in in the center of the ring and edge him over and over. His balls wound tightly and bulging, Nathan is willing to blow, but his captors wish some greater amount fun. They take him into the locker room for a second round of cum denial. Sebastian takes Nathan’s balls to the limit with a fleshjack and his throat. Van tags into the match, jerking Nathan whilst Sebastian worships the disappointed janitor’s toes. They toy with Nathan’s constricted gap and treat him to a vibrating marital-device and a prostate massager. The 2 lastly allow Nathan to cum, and this chab eagerly accepts with geyser of semen. The afternoon of prolonged edging still leaves Nathan lustful with a raging hard-on, so this stud gives an encore load.


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