Delivery Gone Wrong – Uncut Chap Acquires Edged By the Pizza Delivery Boy

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Dominic Pacifico is alone in his condo, waiting for his pizza to arrive. But one time the delivery boy arrives, this guy doesn’t just leave with his tip…no, instead that fellow wrestles Dominic to the ground and quickly ties him up for his depraved pleasures. With his play-thing lastly fastened, the delivery boy discovers the stud’s bulging uncut weenie, willing for act. Dominic’s edged once more and again with clamps pinching down on his nipples previous to enduring some tickle punishment. On the balcony, Dominic’s eyes are clouded with blurred vision goggles, unaware of any touch or jack off the delivery lad may give him. Booty propped out, the restrained man has a prostate massager placed in his butt as the knob stroker glides up and down on his uncut ramrod. Once Dominic is allowed to finally cum, he’s made to eat a cum overspread slice of pizza before the delivery fellow leaves him naked and stripped.


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