Christian Wilde’s Nightmare

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Late at night 2 invaders enter Christian Wilde’s apartment during the time that he is sleeping. These prevs mean to admire the guys body but when one of ’em gets clumsy Christian wakes up. The invaders have no choice but to take him down. Christian’s knob gets unbending throughout his underclothing as the 2 guys haze him. They lick his head but at no time engulf his shlong as this dude struggles in bed, begging to cum. Early the next morning Christian finds himself tethered to a chair with teat clamps on. The marital-aids on his shlong head bring him to the edge again and afresh. Finally Christian is flogged and one of the pervs eats his beautiful gazoo. After being edged all night Christian rockets his massive load into their face holes.


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