Carter West is medically examined and edged by 2 perverts

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Our two delinquents, Sebastian and Van, get to work off their community service hours for getting caught edging some hot dude as janitors at a local hospital. It is late one evening and a frazzled patient arrives for an appointment. The 23 year old patient’s name is Carter West, this dude explains that he’s leaving the country and needs a physical exam ASAP. The 2 assume the role of doctor, telling him to “Turn your head and cough”. Carter’s fat wang accidentally gets strict after being examined, but once the doctors check his prostate, this guy realizes things aren’t quite right. He tries to leave the room but not before perverts wrestle him to the exam table. Belted down with chains, Carter is edged and tickled untill this man screams for lenience. Carter has his prostate checked with a glass butt-plug and sex-toy as his big uncut dick is finally made to cum all over himself.


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