Captured dock worker receives jacked up by 2 perverts

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


It is a dark dreary night and Alex Adams is working down at the docks. A couple perverts lurking around the corner notice that he’s the merely one working. Lazily they creep in on him and catch him by surprise as that stud is taken down. Alex screams for aid but his resistance is futile, the abductors smack him around and silence him by tearing off his underclothing and poking it in his mouth. The perverts start playing with Alex’s corpulent shlong, noticing the way it throbs as he gets closer to the edge. The muscled chap starts demanding that this dude be allowed to lastly cum. Instead of enjoyment he’s given pain as his whole body is whipped with the tomcat. Alex’s dick stays beefy as his hole is played with and stretched. The pervert milks the bound stud’s prostate as this chab sprays his hawt load all over his stomach and is left powerless on the dock.


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