Captured Baseball Chap gets Edged in the Locker Room

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


It’s after hours at the gym as Van and Sebastian lurk throughout the dark locker room. Hidden away in the filthy laundry hamper is a bound up baseball guy, Cameron Kincade. Cameron is fastened to the lockers with duct tape around his head while his garments are torn and his strapon is edged. His strict wang is pointing straight up at the ceiling. Cameron begins to get made water off when the boyz deny him a load, so they hang him upside down and flog Cameron’s built body. After having one as well as the other holes filled with dildos, Cameron is bound down to the bench where his pecker is edged, and his testicles are squeezed just in advance of he blows his cum all over his chest and is made to eat his own cum. The hairy fellow then endures the post orgasm anguish and screams for leniency when they tickle the hell out of him.


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