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Straight stud Logan Vaughn returns for an edging. We have him strip down to his underclothes as Van begins tying up Logan’s muscled body. Logan’s hands are fastened down to his side, just sufficiently so that he can’t reach his own cock. Logan can not assist but get harsh as Sebastian’s hands caress his shlong. His underclothing is torn away to unveil his rock harsh rod. The muscled stud moans with enjoyment as we haze his jock head with 2 sex-aids. Logan is then blindfolded as he’s bound up during the time that standing on one leg. With Sebastian sucking and jerking off his jock, Logan begs us to receive him off but instead that fellow tastes the lashing of the flogger. Restrained to the couch we haze Logan’s nipples as his rod gets edged. We put a prostate massager up Logan’s wazoo as we proceed to tease his rock inflexible pecker. The vibrations on his prostate push him over the edge as Logan blows his cum onto his stomach. We push his cum right back into his mouth previous to giving him some surprise tickle anguish.


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