Manacled Captured Dude Cums in Mid-air

5 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Damian Taylor did a Exposed Kombat for us and even showed up for a Fastened In Public. We’re looking all over the armory for him to see how he’d feel about doing a Studs on Edge as well. We finally discover him and pop the question, he’s a little unsure about the servitude so we leave him to think about it. As he falls asleep, this chap fantasies that we break his room and give a decision to edge him whether that man can’t live without it or not. After we beat him down, Damian finds himself chained, blindfolded, and gagged. With his strapon rock strict, we start to edge him, jerking off his shlong untill it starts to pre-cum. One time we beat him with the tomcat, Damian is suspended in the air. With a marital-device in every of his holes, Damian’s dick is about to burst. After edging him for hours, we lastly milk a load without his weenie as that chap covers his belly with cum.


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