Beefy mechanic taken down & edged against his will

3 years ago



Categories: Gay Bondage


Hairy beefcake Steven Roman finishes up his work in the auto-shop before checking on the store front. When Chance Summerlin and Sebastian arrive enquiring about an application, the two pervs can not assist but swoon over the mountain of muscle that stands previous to them. They sneak up on Steven and quickly get him in their ropes, with a blindfold over his eyes. The muscled mechanic struggles with all his might, but the bondage holding him in place restricts him from any control as the two pervs play with his hairy weenie. They bring him right to the edge of ecstasy merely with the vibrating knob sheath, solely to deny Steven of any enjoyment. Bent back on the hood of a sexy weenie, Steven has his shaggy a-hole violated with fingers and dildos before having a giant plug poked up against his prostate. Chance’s mouth is too much for Steven to naked after all the Implacable edging he’s endured. A massive load discharges across Chance’s face in advance of the two pervs finish off the tied up hunk with a little tickle penalty.


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